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Eat Oaxaca...

A 10 day foodie adventure.



Wild, Diverse & 

Insanely All-Inclusive

Go any other way and you WILL miss out.

This is a first of its kind adventure that will show you ALL the different layers of Oaxaca and every last thing that shouldn't be missed. 

2 Guests. 10 Days.         


  Zero tourist traps.  



Don't think of it as a tour.

Think of it as visiting friends....friends that know everybody and where to find the best of everything.

We take just two people at a time on a very personalized trip to experience all that is real in Oaxaca. The food. The people. Real life.

You will never be pawned off on some dodgy local tour guide like 

a bunch of unsuspecting Germans. 



You're OUR guests. 


You will hang with us and our friends and our only goal is to make sure you have the best experience you could possibly have, whatever that personally means to you.


Meet your hosts, Rachael and Gregg, and our dear friend, Marcelino. He's Just one of the folks you'll meet, but probably the only one you can kill a cow with. He's the village butcher.


And it's like the entire state of Oaxaca

is your all-inclusive resort.


On the world's first free-form, all-inclusive adventure, you don't even have to think about money.

We take care of everything so it's completely stress-free.


No busted Mexican ATMs. No exchange rate hassles.

We even hand you cash for when you want to ditch us.

You can honestly leave your wallet at home. 

You will eat at the best restaurants and see fabulous wine lists. Order it.

You'll never see a bill for anything you eat or drink.


Try everything.

Drink bubbly all day.

Taste expensive Mezcal until you fall down. 

mezcal bar.jpg

Wanna do something besides eat and drink?

Oaxaca has it all... And it's ALL included. 


You just say ‘go’ and we make it happen...whatever it is.


 Skydiving. Surfing. Hiking. Whale watching. Bird watching. Lizard watching?



deep sea fishing.jpg

Ruins. Museums. Clubs. Fancy bars. Dirty bars. Really dirty bars.    

Check out


Giant delicious fish.


a Zapotec sweat-lodge and a 'shroom fueled journey to introspectionland. 

miscellaneous 2_4.jpg


sea turtle release.jpg

     with dolphins ...and you can even help tiny wittle baby sea turtles weach da ocean.

Anything you want.

All without dealing with a single Peso or slippery operator.

Maybe you're an aspiring chef?

Learn all the local recipes from these ladies...


Or anything else (really, just about anything) from this guy.

Agua Blanca_1.jpg

Gregg is a world-class chef, your private chef on this trip and instructor for cooking lessons galore, if you so desire.

To run the full gamut of Oaxacan culture,

You'll Spend:


3 Nights in the City


             The finest fine dining...


3 Nights in the Mountains

LA VENTA_edited.jpg

The tastiest home cookin'...

Agua Blanca_33.jpg

The freshest seafood shacks...

And 3 Nights at the Beach

Agua Blanca_33.jpg

The freshest seafood...

Agua Blanca_36_edited.jpg

You will try EVERYTHING, miss nothing, meet everyone and laugh a LOT.​


No Tripadvisor.

No Stupid Yelp.

No Gut-Wrenching Regrets.

If variety is the spice of life, then this trip is H  T.


How much, you ask?

10 grand per person, not a penny more. 

Leave your wallet home, it's already paid for.


And with our unprecedented, uber-crazy, no b.s. *Money Back Guarantee... 

You have nothing to lose, only the experience of a lifetime to gain. 


*  That's right. We're so sure that this'll be the coolest trip you've ever taken, that if it isn't, just ask us for your money back. You don’t like it, or us, at any time? Don’t think we’re worth a grand a day? We'll refund you on the spot for every remaining day of the ten and we'll drop you off at the airport, bar, hotel or wherever you like. Hate it already within the first 24 hours of arrival? 

We’ll refund you every last penny.

Ready to Book?

Have some questions?

Check out our F.A.Q Page, or simply contact us today to find out what you've been missing.

Email us at or just fill out our super convenient contact form below.

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